Our Sugar Shack

Spike's Shack o' Sugar is a small, family-owned business run by Spike Sanchez and Matty Leighton that produces high-quality maple products.

Located in Plymouth, NH, we offer all grades of our award-winning syrup in plastic jugs as well as decorative glass bottles and tins. We also sell maple cream, lollipops, maple-glazed nuts, and maple candy.

We ship all our products within the US and abroad, and we can design custom gift bottles and baskets for private customers and corporate clients for any occasion. Our maple products make great gifts.

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We are proud members of the
NH Maple Producers Association and the NH Maple Museum.

History of Spike's Shack o' Sugar

Spike started making maple syrup in February 2010, when he bought 10 taps at Agway and tapped the trees in our yard. Cooking the sap over an open fire and using a restaurant steamer pan, he produced about a gallon and a half of syrup, much of which we used for favors at our summer wedding.

In 2011, Spike expanded the operation by building an arch (firebox) out of a household fuel oil tank and purchased a used front pan. He boiled syrup day and night in front of our garage, producing several gallons of tasty syrup.

Each year since, Spike has continued to grow our production capacity through innovation and hard work. In 2012, he built a sugarhouse and expanded the arch with a second oil tank, adding a drop-flue pan. In 2016, he moved the sugarhouse to a better location, built a retail addition that doubled our square footage, purchased an amazing set of custom-made pans from Smoke Lake Maple in Minnesota, and secured a federal grant for the purchase of a reverse osmosis machine.

Other Spike-designed and fabricated additions have included a cream machine, a steam hood and preheater, and a filter press that allow us to package our product in beautiful glass containers. Perhaps best of all, he came up with the idea to add a solar array to the roofs of our house and garage, so now the electricity that runs our machinery is provided by nature, just like the sap we use to make our delicious maple products. We call it "making syrup with sunshine."

While Spike handles the production end of the business, Matty works to maintain our website and social media presence, manage branding, and ship products to our customers near and far. During the maple season, we work side by side to welcome visitors and run the retail operation as well as the production line.

We love making syrup, and it shows. Come visit us so we can tell your more about ourselves and our sugaring operation!

Our Tasty Maple Products

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Maple Syrup

Gallon of NH Maple Syrup

Our award-winning syrup is available in four grades: golden/delicate taste; amber/rich taste; dark/robust taste; very dark/strong taste. We offer all grades in plastic jugs in pints, quarts, half gallons, and gallons. We also offer syrup in decorative bottles and tins. Availability of grades varies in and out of season.

Maple Cream

Maple Cream

Maple Cream is a spreadable confection made from pure maple syrup. It has a creamy texture that melts in your mouth with a burst of intense maple flavor. It's the perfect companion for toast or warm English muffins. Taste it once, love it forever! Available in 4 oz. and 8 oz. jars.

Maple-Glazed Nuts

Maple-Glazed Nuts

Best eaten hot and fresh, these deliciously sweet nuts don't last long in our house! Available during maple season or upon request.

Maple Lollipops and Candies

Maple Lollipops  and Candies

Available in a variety of designs and sizes.

Custom Design Service

Custom Products

Options include custom labels and full-color tags, printed and laser-engraved bottles and other glassware, foil wraps, ribbons, and metallic elastic ties. Your imagination is the only limit! Great for party favors, gifts, and corporate give-aways.


Can't visit us to get your maple fix? No problem! We ship all sizes of syrup except gallons and all our other maple products anywhere in the US via US Postal Service for $12-15. Shipping abroad is available – contact us for a quote.

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Directions and Hours

We're open weekends 9-5 during the maple season (generally late February through mid April) and year-round by appointment.

Visit us during NH Maple Month for free sugarhouse tours, hot coffee, sugar on snow, and samples of our products.

We also welcome groups – please call ahead (603-254-7351) to make sure we are staffed to give you our full attention when you arrive.

See ya at the shack soon!

Spike of Spike's Shack o' Sugar